Supplied File Terms

When you check the "I understand and accept the file processing and preparation costs," you agree and are aware of the following:

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You understand and accept the file processing and preparation costs: Properly preparing your files and providing accurate information about your order expedites the production process and saves your overall cost due to this efficiency.

SETUP: We resize a supplied file using the longest side of the dimensions noted or chosen; it is proportionate to avoid distortion. We strongly recommend using CMYK color mode because our production process converts all files to the CMYK Process color mode. RGB color mode will cause colors to shift in the printing process. PANTONE colors … We are on a PC-based system due to the platform of our machinery. Please convert all text to paths and save your file accordingly. File setups Include color automation & overprinting.

FILE SAVING: PDF is the economical choice. We recommend using the PDF preset setting of high-quality print. This option will embed unique or corporate fonts and prevent file-to-printer issues with embedded images. All files must be converted to a PDF in preparation for the review process and production; this service will be added to your invoice. Our system runs on a PC platform, so please adjust saving your file accordingly. Concerning confidentiality and file updates, we do not save temporary production files.

Please see the File Processing Costs help article for a cost breakdown for various file types.