Prototype Industry Terms

Product Box Mockup

A product box mockup is also known as a packaging prototype, an example or mockup of what your packaging (with full printed graphics) would look like before it goes into mass production. Early in the design process, a blank box with graphic artwork only on the front face can help show a concept.

White Sample

A blank version that replaces a product's space (footprint) in a retail shelf planogram to minimize wasted space and increase sales opportunities.


SRP means "Shelf Ready Packaging" tray, a PDQ tray, usually with a printed front edge. SRPa can be placed on the shelf are predominantly made of corrugated cardboard. These generally consist of a tray (secondary packaging) and a cover (a lid that protects the product). The cover can be easily separated from the tray by a perforation.

SRP Tray Insert

Inserts are added to a tray to create a cavity for another packaging or storage of items to hold them in place within the tray.

Case box (Shipper) for packaging

A case box prevents product packaging from being damaged.

Peg Hook

A peg hook is a plastic loop with a curved end that prevents the merchandise from quickly falling to the floor. The holder keeps wide-slotted products evenly spaced, maximizing your selling space within retail display packaging.


Blister packaging, or blister packs, are pre-formed packaging materials composed of a thermoformed plastic cavity and a pliable lid. In this type of packaging, the product is placed in deep-drawn pockets or cavities resembling a blister. Vacuum-formed blister packaging secures the product, improves visibility, and is used in packaging small or valuable items.

Sample Tag

A Sample Tag or Quote Sheet is a 1-sided file created by a sales team to support a new product with all its manufacturing details.


Bleed is a term that refers to printing that extends off the edge(s) of a printed piece. Any printed elements — photos, color blocks, text — that bleed must extend 0.125” beyond the trimmed edge of the piece.

Pallet Display

Pallet displays are a form of point-of-purchase (POP) displays that allow retailers to ship and transport consumer products conveniently, set up products quickly, and attract consumer attention.

Mock Pallet (Foamcore)

A mock pallet is a cube-like structure made with foamcore that sits on a pallet for conceptual purposes. It uses the artwork of constructed trays and product boxes to stand in for actual items. All of the sides are assembled with clips to make the cube-like display. Available with or without a top panel.

Sidekick Display

A Sidekick Display is sometimes called a Power Wing or a Display Sidecap. It is designed to maximize retail stores by getting your products in front of customers. They are usually placed in high-traffic areas of the stores, usually hanging off of an aisle or even near the cash register checkout lane.

Aisle Violator

Custom shelf violators and aisle violators are the same thing. They are commonly called shelf blade signs or aisle interrupters. They attach to the front of the gondola shelves in a store. These double-sided shelf signs mount perpendicularly to store shelves.

Channel Strip

Channel Strips (shelf strips) are simple but powerful point-of-purchase graphics. Lining the store shelves' front end or channel, these strips provide price labels and product information and communicate simple brand messages.

Sign Insert (Graphic Card)

Retail sign inserts or graphic cards are typically used to advertise a new product or announce a promotion.