Processing & Preparation Costs

PDF is BEST -- for the fastest file processing and is the economical choice. We recommend using the PDF preset setting of HIGH-QUALITY PRINT. This will embed unique or corporate fonts and prevent file-to-printer issues with embedded images.

All files must be converted to a PDF in preparation for the review process and production; this service will be added to your invoice.

  • PDF, Jpeg, Tiff files: $2.75/file - standard processing cost.
  • FILE CONVERSION: $4.75/file - PowerPoint and Word.
  • Excel file: $7.75/tab (worksheet) RESIZING PREP: Necessary for preparing files for PDF conversion. We will print them all in the file if you do not specify which tabs to print. We will do everything possible to follow your instructions, yet there may be a file that requires the PDF to be created from your computer since it has the precise formatting information needed for printing.
  • GRAPHIC file: Cost ranges from $12.50 to $75/file Depending on file complexity, a graphic designer’s time is required.
  • All Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop-originated files (EPS) will need conversion before production, and this service will be added to your invoice. Please note that we are PC-based due to the platform of our machinery. Please convert all text to paths and save your file accordingly.

Please note that temporary production files are not saved or archived.

Resizing: The longest side of the dimensions you request will be used. The graphic or image will be proportionately resized without distortion.

File setup and preparation costs:

  • Print setup for a Handout starts at $15
  • Resizing supplied file(s) to the requested dimensions starts at $6.75 per item/file.
  • Cropping a file starts at $6.25 and Includes file preparation and optimization for production per page/image per file.
  • Layout Design starts at $25 per layout. Set up a Presentation Board or Poster with supplied images, text, and logos. The normal proofing process may not be possible for this process.
  • Dieline preparation for CUT-only items starts at $10.42/version. Line Optimization per unique dieline file per side. Includes dieline CUT setup for production. 
  • Dieline preparation for CUT and CREASE items starts at $75/version. Line Optimization per unique die line file, per side. Includes dieline CUT and CREASE setup for production.
  • Print-ready files require color optimization - starting at $4.75 per file.

Parachuting Penguins reserves the right to update pricing at any time.