Preferred File Types

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your print order will be completed quickly and save money: 



  • PDF - Save with Setting/Preset: HIGH-QUALITY PRINT. This will embed unique or corporate fonts and prevent file-to-printer issues with images. "Why should you do this"? We strive to ensure that all projects are completed in the time promised, but just as importantly, we pay the utmost attention to accuracy.
  • JPEG files accepted - please review the size and quality before submitting to avoid delays in the review process. 


Microsoft Word Doc, PowerPoint, and Excel files are accepted.

  • Due to the nature of fonts, we can not guarantee that our printers will accurately display Mac or custom fonts or page formatting; we recommend saving your file as a high-quality PDF.


Graphic design files accepted. However, this service will be added to your invoice if additional formatting or needs conversion before production.

  • ZIP file: Our system cannot monitor what types of files are included in a ZIP file so the review process may take longer. 
  • Vector files - PDF or native Adobe Illustrator
  • For high-quality images, include 300 DPI or higher

Each file undergoes a review to ensure fast and accurate production.

  • Properly preparing your files and providing accurate information about your order expedites the production process and saves your overall cost due to this efficiency.
  • A file service charge per file will be added to your invoice. 
  • Parachuting Penguins does not color-match. Your designs should always start and finish in CMYK color mode. If you send us an RGB file, there is a chance that a color shift may occur, and you may not be satisfied with your job.
  • Concerning confidentiality and file updates, we do not save temporary production files.