About sending your samples

Sample Handling

We can handle dry, refrigerated, frozen, and palleted freight. We can hold a shipment, or you can select various delivery options. Our easy online form walks you through the information we need for us to make your pick-up or delivery successful.

New orders

All shipment notifications must arrive no later than 10 p.m. the night before arrival so we can prepare for your package(s) and schedule accordingly. Late notification or packages shipped without advance information will be processed last, subject to higher rates.

Please complete the order form as accurately as possible to avoid delays, such as proper contact information, instructions, and deadline. 

Sending samples for Packaging Prototype orders

Please use the Sample Handling form to send products or items to a Packaging Prototype order in progress. Please note the Penguin ID of your Packaging prototype order in the Additional Information or Project Notes/Special Requests section.

The Penguin order process:

1. Shipment arrives - Each shipment to our facility is verified upon or after its arrival. Shipment arrival times vary among shipping companies, so order-receiving times also vary. 

2. Order processing - A shipment is paired with its Penguin order by tracking number, outside identification, and order instructions. Any missing information creates unnecessary confusion and additional work, making this process more costly and causing delays. We will place your order ON HOLD when we have questions for you and can't proceed. 

3. Delivery or Pickup - We will call before any delivery or pickup to confirm that the time requested is acceptable. If the contact person requests a time based on availability, the order will be updated accordingly, and the final cost will reflect their request.

4. Email or text confirmations - An order includes an order confirmation, in-process notifications (ON HOLD, etc.), and confirmation of the person picking up or receiving your shipment and the delivery time. Receipts are digital and will be sent to the contacts you include in your order.

5. Outgoing shipments - The order contact(s) will receive tracking information through the chosen shipper.